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The Vista at CSU Stanislaus | Student Moving Tips

Moving to The Vista is an exciting chapter that many Stanislaus State, Modesto Junior College and University of California Merced students are looking forward to! While relocation can be stressful and requires time, resources and patience, The Vista is here with some tips to help make your move easier!

  1. Get rid of any unnecessary or unused items that do not need to come with you.
    • Donating items that are no longer needed is a great way to relieve yourself of needing to find extra storage space for things that you never use!
  2. Sort things by category
    • It’s a good idea to pack things in an order that makes sense to unpack them in when you arrive at your destination. It’s a good idea to pair your kitchen gadgets with your Tupperware and dried goods with spices. Likewise, make sure that chemicals like bleach or bathroom cleaner are not stored in the same box as any consumable good.
  3. Research Professional Moving Companies
    • Although The Vista comes fully furnished, you might need a little extra help if your apartment is located on the fourth floor. While our apartments come equipped with elevators, making multiple trips can be exhausting. If recruiting movers isn’t the most cost-efficient option, consider enlisting your friends’ help!
  4. Pack your clothes in garbage bags to keep hangers from slipping off!
    • Bundling your clothes together by lowering them into a garbage bag and using the drawstring top or tying the handles around the hangers helps keep things organized!
  5. Use junk coupon booklets to pack plates and fragile items to prevent them from breaking.
  6. Put together a moving calendar to stagger out tasks that will need completed before your move in day.
    • i.e.: “Pay first month’s rent”, “Pack bedroom belongings”, “Buy shower curtain”
  7. Grab some extra moving boxes from your local grocery store or fast food chain.
    • Boxes for shipments are often discarded daily throughout the week but instead of picking through the trash, see if you can find out what day they receive deliveries and see if they will hold boxes for you to pick up.
  8. Get a moving kit ready ahead of time.
    • Make sure that you aren’t forgetting any of the little things that will come in handy during your move and remember: nothing is insignificant.
    • This kit should include packing tape, cardboard boxes, packing paper, broom, and toilet paper for your new home.
    • Having a couple of meals prepped for the day of your move or planning to eat out will definitely decrease the amount of stress!
  9. Schedule disconnect times.
    • Make sure that you disconnect your old cable and utility services at your old location and prepare them to be transferred over if needed. The Vista provides all utilities included and the apartments come with cable and internet already included. Hooray for saving money!
  10. Pack decorative items ahead of time.
    • Decorative items are not needed right away and can sometimes be fragile or difficult to pack, so be sure to give yourself some extra time to make sure that they will arrive at their destination undamaged.
  11. Change your address the week before you are about to move.
  12. Label moving boxes like a boss
    • You will thank yourself ten times over if you remember to label the contents of your boxes ahead of time. Listing items in the box by category and room will greatly decrease the amount of sorting that you will need to do later on.
    • There is packing tape sold that is labeled with rooms like “bedroom”, “living room”, “bathroom” and “kitchen”. Spending the extra cents makes sense!
  13. Pack dishes vertically
    • Not only will you be able to fit more in the box, but it will decrease the chance of them breaking on impact if set down a little too forcefully.
  14. Take pictures of your electronics before you unplug them
    • It’s likely been a long time since you’ve hooked up your Xbox, your PS4, or your Nintendo Switch – having a way to remember how to reconnect everything back to normal is probably a good idea. Snap a quick pic and away you go!
  15. Put your storage bins and luggage to the test
    • Use large containers like luggage and laundry baskets for room to store your belongings.