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The Vista | DIY your presents this holiday season!

What does every parent love to get during the holidays? Why, photos of their family of course! In a few easy steps, you can take a standard photograph and have a beautiful personalized drink coaster for every member of your family! This thoughtful, homemade gift can cost as little as $5 to make, so it certainly will not break the bank!


4 small tiles (purchased at a home improvement store in the bath section)

Modge Podge glue

Small paintbrush


Printed photos (on copy paper from your home printer)


Step 1: measure your tile and print the photographs so that they are only slightly larger than the tile. Print.

Step 2: Cut the photo out and coat the back of the photo with Modge Podge using the paintbrush

Step 3: Place the photo on the tile and weigh it down with a large book to set. Leave until the Modge Podge has dried. Preferably overnight.

Step 4: trim the edges (sand if needed) and brush the while tile with another coat of Modge Podge. Allow to dry and voila!